About Us


We wish you a very warm welcome to Dokimon. We are a family run business who source our organic beauty products from the Vatopaidi monastery of Mount Athos in Greece. Sourcing pure ingredients from this isolated and stunning region is what makes our products so unique and so effective. Our ingredients are grown with minimal human interference in an incredible natural landscape rich with potent herbs and plants.

Our brand name “Dokimon” translates to the “first sample” and was inspired by the study of ancient manuscripts in the Monastery of Vatopaidi’s library and was given to the first series of its products.

We are as passionate about quality as we are about the environment, so our products are never tested on animals; we pride ourselves on cruelty free skincare.

We are so excited to share the ancient wisdom and natural products from this pristine corner of Greece with the world.

If you haven’t tried our products yet, we know that you will love them. If you are already a part of our Dokimon community, we would love to hear what you think, please get in touch.

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