Social Responsibility

Eupoiia is a philanthropic organization, which aims to constitute an organized “center” of social charity as a love offering, especially during these troubled times. Following this vision, Eupoiia is conducting all kinds of charitable work, unfolding its activity through specific individual actions:


Accomodation – Nutrition: Offering food, accommodation and financial help to relieve the poor and the suffering

Cultural Heritage: Highlighting the Greek cultural heritage

Education: Providing education by implementing appropriate programs

Health: Creating modern centers for prevention and physical as well as mental recovery

Eupoiia in the green path

Several years ago, the monks started collaborating with experienced scientists, Italian and Greek botanologists and doctors, in order to evaluate the recorded experience on the healing properties of herbs, which is collected in the manuscripts and the incunabula of the Old Library, as well as every other piece of knowledge on the field. In 2010, the Center for Study and Research was founded for this purpose in the Monastery, in collaboration with the Agricultural Faculty of University of Viterbo “La Tuscia”, Italy.

The new abilities of research and the sciences of technology, chemistry and pharmaceutics, have only come to verify the contemporary reality of using herbs successfully, the way nature’s pharmacy provides them.

The result of those efforts is the creation of several natural products, per botanical species or in different qualitative and quantitative mixtures, as dietary supplements that ensure wellness and act beneficially against several diseases. Additionally, they are available packaged for brewing, in order to boost their property to relieve or protect or even fight certain damages of the human body; also, in the form of traditional ointments, or in several other modern formulations, such as moisturizing creams, soaps, shampoos, etc. The profit of this operation returns to Eupoiia, which makes good use of it by re-distributing it to support a series of institutions that take action in the fields of accommodation and nutrition of destitute families, to educate, to offer multifarious support to single-parent or large families, as well as to help restore monasteries and churches.