Mount Athos


Mount Athos is situated in Northern Greece and is one of the last virgin spots on this planet. Its environment is free of any pollutants and of the harmful consequences of industrialisation and modern civilisation.

The large diversity of its fauna and flora have remained unchanged through time. For more than a thousand years, in its twenty monasteries a vast amount of experience and knowledge in the growing and production of natural products has been collected and archived, based on tradition and the study of manuscripts from the Byzantine and pre-Christian period. These ancient relics contain the manuscripts of Hippocrates famously known as “the father of medicine” which contain advice and observations about natural products and their beneficial properties. Upon researching these manuscripts we came across the phrase “Of Hippocrates, tried and found true” indicating that the formulas of our products are believed to be effective from antiquity.

The ingredients and knowledge in our Dokimon products are proudly sourced from Mount Athos.

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